Robust In vitro assays are the foundation of effective drug discovery pipelines and our custom assay development and screening services provide you with consistent performance. BioMedha facilitates the development of such assays across multiple platforms for your screening needs supporting Target Validation, Hit Identification, Lead Optimisation, Candidate Selection, and Mechanism Of Action.

Our assay development services include:

  • Cell based assays (functional and expression)
  • Enzyme activity assays
  • Protein-protein interactions
  • Ligand-binding assays
  • Post-translation modifications
  • Phenotypic assays
  • GPCR assays
  • In-cell target engagement
  • Protein degradation

We provide bespoke assay development services which are tailored to client project needs. Our aim is to make your early-stage drug discovery effortless by transferring your assay development and screening activities to us.

Contact us with your project-specific requirements and we can discuss how best to support them.