GPCRs are popular and well-established protein targets, representing the largest individual family of drug targets used in current medication. BioMedha offers custom made GPCR assay development and screening services to suit your needs for interrogating compounds against your target of interest.

Our custom GPCR assay support includes:

  • Constitutive activity check, transient & stable transfections
  • Stable cell line generation, assay development, and assay optimisation
  • Single receptor, dual, and receptor dimerisation
  • Supporting screening cascade
  • Allosteric and Orthostatic site of action
  • MOA studies and shield analysis
  • Cell types: recombinant and endogenous cell lines

GPCR assay formats includes:


  • Ca2+ Flux (Gq) by Flexstation
  • cAMP levels (Gi and Gs)
  • IP-1 levels (Gq)
  • pERK1/2 levels
  • β-Arrestin recruitment
  • nanoBRET in cell target engagement
  • Receptor internalization

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