Immuno-ONCOLOGY studies

We have access to fresh whole blood samples collected to meet your requirements. We can develop assays to suit your project needs and test your compounds using samples from single donor or multiple donors. Assay formats include:

  • Isolation of immune cells from fresh whole blood: PBMCs, monocytes, T cells, CD4+, CD8+, B cells, NK cells, neutrophils, dendritic cells, granulocytes and lymphocytes
  • Cytokine release assays/ Luminex Multiplexing assays
  • Monocyte differentiation into dendritic cells and macrophages
  • Cytokine assays
  • T cell activation and differentiation
  • Immunogenicity assessment/ Cytokine storm: Multiplexing assays against multiple donors
  • Proliferation and cytotoxicity 
  • Chemotaxis/ Migration assays
  • NETosis studies
  • Immune Checkpoint Bioassays
  • T cell activation and TLR response
  • Immune Cell Death
  • T cell killing assays vs tumor cells
  • Expression studies: mRNA levels and protein levels
  • siRNA knockdown studies
  • Co-cultures