Our in vitro biology  expertise for advancing your drug discovery programs


BioMedha is a UK-based pre-clinical CRO providing in vitro biology drug discovery expertise to the global drug discovery industry. We are industry-experienced, in vitro biology-focused scientists and can add significant value to our client programmes by undertaking key elements of the early stage drug discovery process, such as:
  • Immuno-modulation studies (whole blood, PBMC, monocytes, T-cell, neutrophils, B cells, dendritic cells, and macrophages)
  • Expression studies (protein levels and mRNA levels)
  • Functional Studies (Receptor, pathway signalling, bioassays)
  • Cytokine assays and Immunogenicity assessment (Multiplexing)
  • Mitochondrial function and toxicity assessment
  • Drug combination studies
  • Cell health assays (Oncology)
  • GPCRs: Assay development and screening
  • Biochemical assays