BioMedha provides discovery toxicology services to help you advance your drug discovery projects.

Understanding and managing compound toxicity at the earliest possible stage is important to help improve the safety and efficacy of therapeutic molecules in drug development.

BioMedha has developed standardised In vitro toxicology assays that are cost effective, high-throughput, and non-GLP, and will facilitate efficient safety profiling at the early stages of the drug discovery pipeline.

Developed by our in-house experts, our standardised In vitro toxicology assays will ensure you receive timely data to advance your drug discovery projects. We support client projects by identifying compounds that induce toxicity in order to de-risk the early-stage drug discovery pipeline. We offer standard and bespoke services to ensure we tailor our approach to meet specific client project requirements.

Our discovery toxicology assays include:

To find out more about discovery toxicology services from the team at BioMedha, and how we can help you to de-risk your early pipeline and support you with the advancement of your drug discovery projects, get in touch to speak to a member of our team.