BioMedha specialises in pre-clinical drug discovery biology, and offers cost-effective, high-quality, bespoke, bioscience services to advance and accelerate your drug discovery pipeline.

Our goal is to simplify early-stage drug discovery by supporting our clients’ In vitro biology projects. Using our robust platforms which can be tailored to meet your specific needs, our experienced team of bioscientists provide the support needed to advance and accelerate your drug discovery.

Robust In vitro assays are the foundation of an effective drug discovery pipeline, and our custom assay development and screening services provide consistent performance. BioMedha facilitates the development of such assays across multiple platforms for your project needs supporting hypothesis testing, target validation, hit identification, lead optimisation, candidate selection, and mechanism of action studies.

We work on both an FTE and fee-for-service basis at very competitive rates. Experienced scientists are assigned to specific projects to deliver impactful results efficiently.

To find out more about how BioMedha can help to advance and accelerate your drug discovery projects, get in touch.