Case Studies

Macrophage assays

Isolated monocytes from fresh healthy donor whole blood were differentiated into macrophages. Validated by cytokine profiling and surface marker expression. Suitable In vitro assay models for measuring compound effect on macrophage cell function and gene expression.

Macrophage differentiation

Figure-A: Methods for isolation of monocytes, maintenance, and differentiation into M1 and M2 phenotype macrophages.

Cytokine levels

Figure-B: Cytokine levels (pg/ml) in macrophage supernatant (M1 phenotype and M2 phenotype).

Surface marker expression levels

Figure-C: Surface marker expression levels in activated macrophages measured by flowcytometry.

Here we demonstrate successful differentiation of monocytes into macrophages. Our In vitro assay models enabled us to support our client’s therapeutic programmes, measuring compound effect on macrophage polarisation, activation, cell function, and gene expression.

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