Case Studies

Different approaches measuring target expression levels

Target expression patterns provide valuable insight in target validation, understanding biology, and the molecular basis for compound effect. Expression studies can be performed at protein level, mRNA level, secretion level, at surface level, and expression by immunofluorescence.

Gene expression by qPCR (RT-PCR)

Figure-A: CD44, CXCL16, IL-1b and CD123 mRNA amplification in PMBCs, Monocytes, and Neutrophils and gene expression levels normalised to b-Actin housekeeping gene. Each test condition represents data from triplicate wells.

Protein expression by Western Blotting

Figure-B: Western blot analysis of HEK-293 cells transfected with ACE2 (stable clones-1 to 7) compared with NULL transfected clones.

Protein levels by ELISA

Figure-C: IL-22 levels in T cell supernatant

Expression by Flowcytometry

Figure-D: CD45 expression in healthy donor whole blood

Expression by Cell imaging

Figure-E: TMEM119 expression (green) in iPSC Microglia. Nuclear marker (Blue)

Secretion levels by Luminex multiplexing

Figure-F: Compound effect on Cytokine release into PMBC supernatant (fresh PBMCs isolated from healthy donor blood)

Here we demonstrate our expertise in measuring target expression levels and BioMedha can support suitable assay formats tailored to client project needs (e.g. target validation, understanding biology, compound efficacy, mechanism of action studies, and siRNA knockdown studies).

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